Tarr, LLC is one of the largest west coast distributors of commodity and specialty chemicals.

Storage & Delivery

Tarr, LLC has remarkable versatility in its storage and delivery capabilities. With branches located in Portland, OR, Phoenix, AZ, and Auburn, WA we are strategically located to service the entire Western United States and beyond.

  • The storage capacities of our Portland facilities are 655,000 gallons. Our product selection is wide-ranging to include chemicals/solvents, and transformer oil.
  • Our Phoenix facility has storage tank capacity of 188,000 gallons that is utilized to service our high-purity and commercial customers.
  • Warehouse storage totals 125,000 SF; with 62,000 SF at our Portland locations, 50,000 SF at our Phoenix Facility, and 13,000 SF at our Seattle (Auburn) Warehouse.

The Tarr, LLC Fleet is diverse, allowing us to service the needs of our customers whether they require small deliveries or a large bulk order of 80,000 lbs or more. Our fleet is varied between package and bulk capabilities, with 11 power units and 15 trailers. This allows us flexibility to mix and match regardless of what the delivery requirements might be.

Tarr’s storage and delivery capabilities fit together nicely in those areas in which dedicated systems are required. This is particularly effective in the high-purity alcohol part of our business; blending, special packaging, and tight specifications.

We match that in the specialty products area of our business as well. We have dedicated equipment to make sure very sensitive products such as transformer oil are delivered to our customers in specification.

  • Dedicated equipment for transformer oil.
  • Dedicated equipment for high purity alcohols.
  • Member of ACD and Responsible Distribution certified through 3rd party verification.
  • ISO 9001 Certified
Tarr storage tanks
Tarr tanker transports
Tarr loading depot